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It’s bad luck for Women’s Studies, but “sexism” always takes a back seat to “racism.” It used to be doctrine that any time a woman claimed she had been raped, she was certain to be telling the truth. Then blacks complained that “brothers” had been lynched merely on the say-so of some nasty white women, so the feminists had to scuttle that doctrine.


Likewise, white women don’t have the right to complain about the way Muslims treat women. You would think “feminists” would be bawling nonstop about genital mutilation, polygamy, and wrapping women in black sheets, but that would be “Islamophobia,” which is far worse than carving off a woman’s clitoris. The way a non-white man behaves is part of his superior non-Western culture, and earnest white lesbians must never be guilty of “neo-colonialism.” Another way around the problem is to pretend that the uniquely twisted hegemonic nature of white men makes them just as bad as Muslims. It is also permissible to argue that if Muslims are brutes it is only because the West has oppressed them, so the way to cure them is through revolution here at home.

Le reste de la nécessaire démonstration chez Am Ren toujours.


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