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A new study from the Masculine Pathology Department of the University of British Columbia has found, as hoped, that traditional “stoic warrior” ideals associated with masculinity contribute to a male suicide rate that is often as much as three times higher than the female suicide rate. Men who are “suffering from depression” appear to be less likely to ask for help than their female counterparts. However, John Ogrodniczuk, who is seeking publicity for the study, offered that men who “had a strong commitment to their families” and who envisioned themselves as protectors and providers were less likely to commit suicide. The positive spin seems to be that those who are trying to steer a depressed man away from suicide should focus on the “protector and provider” ideal -- but it should be noted that this masculine role is hateful to feminists and, according to Hanna Rosin’s recent report, fewer and fewer men will be their family’s “provider.” So that could prove a thorny route. (...)


Why prohibit a man from taking responsibility for his own actions? In many cases, suicide may be the best form of atonement, the best way for a man to try to right his own wrongs. It seems insane to prevent suicidal murderers and child molesters from killing themselves when they want to, but that’s exactly what we do. Instead we pay to keep them alive for decades. I wonder how much we could save if we simply allowed suicidal convicts to kill themselves. I’ve heard morbid justifications for keeping them alive -- that forcing a man to live with his own regrets and the knowledge of his crimes is the real punishment. I remain unconvinced, and at any rate that’s some really expensive psychological torture.


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Écrit par : Benjamin Binus | 22/06/2010

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