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(...) The system isn’t too big to fail; it’s too big to work.

The main problem—and it’s enormous—is that while voting is voluntary, taxation is not. You may elect not to elect anyone, but you have no choice over the fact that you have to work four to five months every year merely to shovel coal inside the system’s insatiable mouth to keep it wheezing, belching, and chugging along. Despite the relentlessly propagated fiction that the government takes orders from me rather than vice-versa, I make no decisions in this process. Even worse, I am forced under threat of incarceration to pay whatever the fuck they tell me to pay. Therefore, I’m less than tickled about the idea that I’m awarded the “privilege” of having a roughly 50-50 chance in deciding who gets to decide things for me. I don’t quite deem it an honor being “allowed” to choose who gets to steal the fruits of my labor.

Over the past generation I’ve watched most of the nation’s manufacturing base dismantled, boxed, and shipped overseas while I had no say in the matter. I’ve been forced to fund large-scale foreign wars as I scrambled to pay the electric bill. I’ve seen the government do nothing as the nation’s southern border crumbled and at least a dozen million individuals who don’t speak my language and view me as a historical adversary have been welcomed, in large part at my expense. And due to toxic wastefulness from both major parties, my one-child family “owes” approximately $150,000 on the federal deficit, while we’ve at least been frugal enough that our personal debt is less than five Gs.

So I’m supposed to be happy, eat shit, keep playing the game, and pretend I’m not being used?

That’s simply not the way my guitar strings are strung. In the course of human events, it becomes necessary to stop rolling over and playing dead.


Le blog : faudrait l'intituler "The children of the grey zone".
Ou bien "Ze grey zone children" ?
Maybi "Zone ze grey children"...
Bof, not funni.

Écrit par : Rictus | 26/09/2010

Vous pouvez l'appeler "Effacer des favoGris"...

Écrit par : Stag | 26/09/2010

Très intéressant le Goad ! Merci Mister Grey Zone !

Écrit par : Interzone | 27/09/2010

« I’m fine with not voting. I’m not exactly fine with paying taxes, but I do it because the risks of noncompliance seem too high. »

Oui, et la conclusion que l'on peut en tirer, c'est que rien ne sera possible tant qu'il n'y aura pas une grève de l'impôt (c'est d'ailleurs cela qui a déclenché la Guerre d'Indépendance des États-Unis et la Révolution française). Sauf que le fisc moderne est beaucoup plus performant. À moins qu'il y ait un effondrement technologique, je ne vois pas bien comment cela est possible...

Écrit par : Criticus | 29/09/2010

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