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I love when this happens to liberals. They start out on a crusade and get slapped in the face with reality. They rail against hate speech and get stuck with blacks being anti-Semitic. They push diversity and are left with Muslims performing female circumcision. They pretend the gay lifestyle is just like ours and have to stomach the huge percentage of rent boys who are underage. If you are truly worried about gun deaths in America, go where the death toll is highest—the ghetto. It’s not dads buying their son a .22 for his birthday. It’s black kids without a dad using an illegal gun to settle a score in a drug battle. The epidemic isn’t guns. The epidemic is the decay of the black family. Almost three-quarters of them are raised by single mothers. One of the reasons behind this is the brutal incarceration rate black men either endure or subject themselves to. Black kids aren’t in danger of being shot by George Zimmerman. They’re in danger of being shot by black kids. This doesn’t fit the Times’ narrative, however, so they stick a bunch of white kids on the page and use a mother’s tears to push their agenda.

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