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(...) If Jonah’s beloved American liberal democratic government were willing to abolish all anti-discrimination laws, I’d be happy to let people marry their pet hamsters. I just want public administrators to stop telling me whom I should be nice to and who should be treated with special consideration. I personally prefer gays or just about anyone else to government bureaucrats, and especially to those engaged in modifying social behavior.

Why should I trust what TV screenwriters tell me to believe about some alleged neo-Victorian gay lifestyle any more than all the other nonsense they feed me? From these scriptwriters one might learn that most gangsters are white corporate executives but rarely Jewish, while blacks and Hispanics are crime-fighters or surgeons ministering to white people of lesser intelligence. All of this may be true in the alternate reality Jonah shares with his Hollywood friends, but none of this squares with what I’ve seen on terra firma. (...)

Paul Gottfried


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Écrit par : Jean-Pierre Pagès-Schweitzer | 07/03/2011

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